Thursday, September 15, 2011

post # 13

It has been an unreasonable amount of time since I last updated my blog. No doubt the many readers of my blog have been eagerly awaiting my next post. If you are one of those, I apologize for the untimely wait. No doubt you have been on edge wondering what I have been doing between blog posts. Perhaps you find yourself wondering throughout the day what kind of things I am doing, what I have been eating and what kind of items are siting on my kitchen table. Perhaps when you are looking at picture books, you involuntary find yourself wondering what kind of picture I would have posted in my blog if I had updated my blog that day. Now, at least for today, you can lay these troubling thoughts aside and peacefully dwell on the picture I will post in this blog update. 

It is a picture of some mail sitting on my kitchen table. Not just any mail. This mail has an interesting story. Here is the story: It was delivered to our apartment and the person that it is addressed to does not live here. We do not even know who it is. That is the story. Maybe you think that is a boring picture and that is a very boring story and not interesting at all. If you were looking for excitement, then why were you even reading my blog? Its not an action blog. In fact if were even reading this at all, you must have been really bored in the first place, so it probably was more interesting then staring at the wall, in which you have no case to complain that it was a boring picture or story.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

post #12

I just ate a piece of my homemade chocolate cake. I don't mean to sound conceited, but I make the best chocolate cake ever. Nothing tastes better then a piece of warm chocolate cake dripping with thick frosting. It warms my soul. Here is a picture of the piece of cake that I just ate:
Maybe I should not have included a picture, because the picture doesn't look as god as the cake actually tasted. However, it does provide proof that I actually had a piece of cake in my possession, in case you were thinking that I was so desperate for things to write about that I had to make up stories about chocolate cake. In fact I did more today then eat cake. I went to church, practiced my French horn and washed the walls in my Dad's rental house.  I also did my laundry. Actually, my laundry is not done yet, it is still in the dryer, and I am not actually doing it. I just stuff it in the washing machine with some soap and go downstairs and eat cake and say that I am "doing my laundry." Then after a while I have to make the long trek back upstairs and put my wet laundry in the dryer and wait some more, i.e. eat some more cake. When the dryer stops I have the option of taking all my laundry out and folding it and putting it away, but I will probably put it in a heap on the floor and fold it later. After all, I can't eat cake and fold my laundry at the same time.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

post #11

Right now I am sitting on my awesome blue sofa, updating my blog. In the kitchen there is a large plate of cookies that my roommate baked. I keep thinking about them but I don't feel like getting up off of the sofa to go and getting one. Eventually my love of cookies will overtake my love of the sofa and I will be in the kitchen eating a warm cookie, fresh from the oven. Until then I will be sitting of my plush, dark blue couch, slowly sinking into its depths. The longer I sit here the harder it will be to get up and go into the kitchen to get my cookie. Eventually it must happen. Here is the picture for my post today:

It is a picture of my roommate's chemistry book that is sitting on the floor at my feet. It is further proof of my laziness. I couldn't even get off the sofa to get a picture for my blog. The effort that it took to reach down and take the picture of the book near my feet was almost more then I could manage. Right now I am listening to Dvorak cello concerto. It is one of my favorite pieces. I think I need to get a cookie from the kitchen and then tune my guitar so that I can practice my three chords on it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

post #10

In case you missed reading my blog this past week or so, you can finally be at peace, because I am posting another blog post. That is correct, this paragraph that you are reading right now is blog post #10. Perhaps the thought came into your head, and you asked yourself, "why am I reading this?" I don't know why you are reading it, so don't ask me. Probably you had nothing better to do, so you decided to read whatever I decided to write about.  Probably I won't end up writing about anything in particular. Here is the picture for this blog post:

It is a picture of an inflatable face sitting on  a chair. I'm not sure any more description is necessary. I received the inflatable face as  a  birthday gift from my sister. She knows me well. It took me a while to inflate the inflatable face, but after much huffing and puffing, I succeeded in inflating it to the immense size it is now. Right now I am waiting to eat dinner. There is a frozen pizza in the oven, which is in the process of becoming cooked. I am eagerly awaiting the time that it will be done.  Besides taking a picture of my inflatable face and updating my blog, I also practiced and rode my bike around today. I think I could consider it a nice day. In fact I think I will.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

post #9

I'm sitting at my parent's house getting ready to make some French toast for breakfast. I just got back from my grandparent's place where I fed the horse, took the two dogs for a walk and did some irrigation in the pasture. There is one sheep there that follows me everywhere pretending it is dying of starvation. I know it is  not because  it does not look skinny and if it was really that starving, it would not have the energy to run after me for an hour. Silly sheep can't fool me.  This is a picture of the egg that I am going to use to make my French toast:
As you can see it is a brown egg. If you look close enough you might be able to see that it also has some speckles on it too. Obviously it came from a brown chicken and obviously it must be better for you. Everyone knows that brown foods are better for you. Like brown rice, whole wheat bread, brown chocolate, and of course brown eggs. The brown coloring adds extra vitamins that the brown chicken adds. Its time to go and eat my French toast, which will also be brown with brown syrup.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

post #8

This is my 8th blog post. That means I have kept this up for over a week. I am patting myself on the back right now. This morning I woke up really early to ride to school with my roommate. It was an exciting trip. Aside from navigating the early morning school traffic of parents taking their children to school and people going to work, we almost had a collision because I was trying to pedal my bicycle with only one foot. It is not a very efficient way to ride and I was so preoccupied with looking at my foot I wasn't watching where I was going. Thankfully we are both still alive. Not only am I still alive I would like to think that  I have come out of this incident a smarter and wiser person from the experience that I have gained from my close call with the pavement. Next time I will look where I am going instead of at my foot. Even though we did not actually collide with one another thanks to my quick reflexes, I hope to not come that close to another moving bicycle again. It caused unwanted palpitations of my heart and a quickness of breath that was unpleasant. Here is a picture of the view out of the back door of my apartment:

If you look closely and use a great deal of imagination, you can see the wonders that lie in our backyard. There are several tomato plants, a rosemary plant and a lemon balm plant that is almost entirely eaten by some unknown creature. There is also a white overturned bucket and a garden hose. We use the hose to water the plants. The bucket doesn't do anything. It just sits there and sometimes I move it if it is in the way, but usually if it is in the way I just walk around it. Its a lot easier that way.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

post #7

I just got back from a late night frozen yogurt outing with my friends. It was delicious. The first few times that I went to eat frozen yogurt I got so excited about all the toppings that I put some of everything on my yogurt. This does not taste very well. I have since learned to restrain myself when it comes to putting toppings on my frozen yogurt and tonight I only put some almonds and chocolate on top. I have learned that when it comes to frozen yogurt toppings, less is almost always better. I tried to take a picture of my frozen yogurt but we were eating outside and it was dark and my the picture turned out to be a square of blackness. No frozen yogurt was visible. I know it was there, you just couldn't see it. So instead I am posting this picture of  the salt shaker.


It is a nice compliment to the picture of the pepper shaker that I posted earlier. I often put both salt and pepper on my food. Most often I just put pepper. I am a big fan of pepper. I think its a mighty tasty seasoning. I find it ironic that the salt portrait was taken on top of my bible, considering the abundance of salt references found in the bible. That was not intended when I took the picture. I generally do not put much thought into the pictures that I take. I mainly get my inspiration from whatever happens to be right next to me. In this case, the salt shaker and my bible. You could say that I am lazy and don't like to take the time to look around for something good to photograph for my blog. I just like to say that I am inspired by my ordinary and everyday surroundings. It sounds better. Right now I am listening to the third movement of Brahms' third symphony. It is one of my favorite pieces of music and I have listened to it three times so far in the past twenty minutes. It is probably the best part of my day.