Thursday, September 15, 2011

post # 13

It has been an unreasonable amount of time since I last updated my blog. No doubt the many readers of my blog have been eagerly awaiting my next post. If you are one of those, I apologize for the untimely wait. No doubt you have been on edge wondering what I have been doing between blog posts. Perhaps you find yourself wondering throughout the day what kind of things I am doing, what I have been eating and what kind of items are siting on my kitchen table. Perhaps when you are looking at picture books, you involuntary find yourself wondering what kind of picture I would have posted in my blog if I had updated my blog that day. Now, at least for today, you can lay these troubling thoughts aside and peacefully dwell on the picture I will post in this blog update. 

It is a picture of some mail sitting on my kitchen table. Not just any mail. This mail has an interesting story. Here is the story: It was delivered to our apartment and the person that it is addressed to does not live here. We do not even know who it is. That is the story. Maybe you think that is a boring picture and that is a very boring story and not interesting at all. If you were looking for excitement, then why were you even reading my blog? Its not an action blog. In fact if were even reading this at all, you must have been really bored in the first place, so it probably was more interesting then staring at the wall, in which you have no case to complain that it was a boring picture or story.

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